Despre noi

We believe that every man is valuable only because they exist, and the rest is an addition that we add as we we grow and develop. 

Between what we are and what we become is not never put the sign of equivalence.

We believe in the power of loving and being loved, to be there for each other when it's hard, but also to share and celebrate successes. This is the only way to build relationships that have safety, taking on one's vulnerabilities, trusting, cooperation and transformation. Finally, communities that believe and provide framework of safety and relevance for the emotional health of each members.

Vision – We put in the values and resources within each of us - this is the only way to we can be good to ourselves, we can be good to others.

All for a life lived to the full, with confidence and emotional well-being! 

Mission – Electronics Shops is a place of people who care and value the cause and effect between who we are and what we become. 

Everything for a good mood and a world emotionally balanced world!


We at the Clinic Almost, we aim to be part of the development, the transformation, exploration, (re)structuring of each client, in the most harmonious and to move together from restrictive paradigms into paradigms, to help the client to free him/herself from limiting beliefs or magical beliefs and to experience experiences that are as meaningful as possible. Always always start from the premise that every person has a natural instinct towards well-being, to physical and mental health, and that in order to experiences, it is only necessary to access their resources personal resources.

We understand that it is important to take to take the time to look at ourselves and have the courage to seek help where we fail to evolve on our own, without feeling that this means weakness.

Life's difficulties are inherent. In other words, what we do with and how we turn them into personal lessons.

That's what we're here for and that's what we learn, every day!

Together they deserve to make emotional health and wellness a priority!

We can help you if you are experiencing: